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Daniela Skaf

The best harp, piano & guitar teacher for any child!

P.O.Box 22804, Doha, Qatar • daniela@daniharp.com

As a professionally trained musician, Mrs. Daniela Skaf has studied both Harp and Piano in the National School of Music in Sofia, Bulgaria. She is a graduate from the Moscow Concervatoire of Music "P. I. Tchaikovski" in Russia, where she took her master degree studying harp with the prominent professor Vera Dulova.

Mrs. Daniela Skaf is a distinguished music teacher in the area of Sofia, Bulgaria. She gives private lessons on piano, harp and keyboard, and also guitar lessons for beginners. Mrs. Skaf teaches music in English, Bulgarian and Russian fluently in her lessons. For further details and schedule please contact her via her email.

Daniela Skaf

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